Every traveler in the world would love to spare some money while traveling and car rental service is one of the travel items that consume some great amount of money. Many travelers try to find cheap car hire in Uganda but most of them do not know the tricks to get a cheap rental deal yet there are in abundance if you follow the right procedures.

These are the ways of how to get cheap self drive car rental services in Uganda

Online search

There are very car rental companies in Uganda offering cheap rental deals on the internet. The internet is the best platform to get the cheap self drive car rental services since the competition is to high and every company wants to do business and in the end lower rates are given to clients to ward them from hiring a rental car from other companies. So as a traveler, you have to take advantage of this and book car rental services from an online car rental company.

Shop around the internet and choose from several of the rental cars

While on the internet do not book with the first company you land on, inquiry from several companies. These different companies give different offers from the other where you can compare and contrast for a good deal with cheap rates. In addition, try to look at the different rental cars the company is offering. Do not go for a vehicle by its looks; go for a vehicle that suits your travel purpose and financial budget. You have to put in mind that some vehicles are cheaper than others yet they may serve the same purpose.

Book car rental services in advance

Reserving a rental car before the date you travel can make you get a cheap car rental as you have time to negotiate with the car rental company about the price of the rental. In essence at times car rental companies give out discounts to hirers who make rental bookings in advance.

Book in the low season of traveling

During the low season of traveling, rental cars in Uganda are always cheap as the demand for them is lower compared to the peak of travel where the cars are highly demanded which leads to hiking of the prices. The low season of traveling in Uganda is between march-may and November. So in case you need to get a cheap self drive rental travel in the low season.

Ask for car rental discount

Sometimes Car rental companies have discount offers so while booking a rental car do not hesitate to ask for a discount offer.

Make long reservation periods of rentals

Most car rental companies in Uganda offer cheap car rental service packages to travelers who hire vehicles for a long time for instance a client hiring a car for more than a week compared for those hiring for three or two days. For this case as a traveler make sure that you book a rental car for a long period of time in order to get a cheap rental deal.

Look for rental deals with all inclusive price rental packages

Some companies try to give attractive price packages to their clients and later the client is surprised to pay for other extra costs at the counter which makes the rental more expensive than thought before. Therefore while making a booking for self drive rentals make sure that you go for a company that gives price quotation with all expenses included.

Book with rental companies away from the airport

Rental companies away from the airport tend to be cheaper than those at or near the airport. The ones near or at the airport, the demand for their vehicles is high since most of the travelers who use rentals in Uganda are visitors and use the airport as the gate way. With the high demand of the vehicles the rental companies at airport hike the prices of car rental services. It is best you go for those rental companies away from the airport that have less demand that are likely to give you a cheap rental deal.

Go for mid size rental companies

While making a car rental booking, a traveler should always go for mid size companies as these give out very attractive and cheap rental deals to their would be customers since they want to tie them down to improve on the clientele which is not the case with big size companies who have a name already. These big companies have a fixed price for their rental and they never negotiate for reduction of price due to the fact they have a big clientele that do business with them.

In conclusion therefore, in case you need a cheap self drive car rental in Uganda try to borrow a leaf from the above points. They can never betray you.


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