It is not rocket science to book the best car rental services Rwanda. Different people have different tastes and preference of car rental services as some services would appear good to some people while they would appeal to be awful to other. But normally people the cheapest car rental services to be the best as every consumer of a product is a rational being as he/she would love to consume a good at the cheapest cost available and this also applies to car rental business.

However, much we all like cheap car rental services but there are always things we have to be put into consideration to make our self drive trip enjoyable and convenient other only saving money.

Here are the 3 important tips to be put into consideration when booking a rental car in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

Which car rental company?

Currently, most of us when looking for a car rental company, go to a friend who has ever travelled to the destination and ask him/her which is the best car rental company in that country. Some of us book with the car rental company our colleague has referred to us while other make an extra mile and hit the internet to look for the car rental company that will suit his/her needs.

Internet searching for car rentals is the most popular way of finding the car rental company. This is what most experienced travelers look for from the car rental company- it establishment base and reputation and these are the most essential traits everyone has to look for. The establishment level of the car rental company is measured by the number of years it has been in the business, how many people know about it and what do they talk about, the kind of the services they offer, how many fleets of rental services do they have, the additional services they offer to their customers other than the vehicles themselves.

One has to go for the company with a great reputation and high level of establishment in anticipation for excellent car rental services in Rwanda.

Choosing a rental Car

Do not be taken up how elegant the car looks like. Every car renter should look for a car that fits his/her needs and budget. There are very many kinds of rental cars being offered by Rwanda car rentals to their customer and these are normally grouped into luxury, midrange and budget cars. Commonly the big cars that are the SUVs and the limousines are the luxury cars, the sedans are the mid range and the compact or crossover cars are the cheap ones. For instance if you are a sole traveler going for a Rwanda gorilla safari why do not book yourself a crossover 4 wheel drive car like a Toyota RAV4 that comes with a cheap price of as low as $50 per day other than going for a big SUV like a Toyota land cruiser which would be good for nothing for a sole traveler. The car renter has to act wise and choose a car that can fit his/her budget and purpose at the same time other going for some car that would turn to be a nightmare in terms of costs while driving in Rwanda.

Choosing a Pick-Up (and Drop-Off) Place and Time

Always pick a convenient place for pick up and drop off. Most self drive trip in Rwanda start from the capital city of Kigali as the airport is located within. So most traveler after their flight, they pick up a car in Kigali and traverse through the different destination of the country. In addition to the above most car rental companies’ offices are located in Kigali so it is very easy for them to bring to you the car with less cost. For the case of time, it commendable to pick up and also drop off the car during day time as most car rental offices operate during day time only.

When the car renter follows the above car rental booking tips he/she would have minimized the loopholes he/she may find from the car rental services.


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