Before renting a car in Uganda for your trip, certain questions are ideally a must to ask if you are to enrich yourself with or enhance your knowledge on exact thing that you desire in life. By so doing, you would have got clarifications, built confidence when it comes to self drive safaris and also to avoid traffic mistakes and road accidents while in a new destination. The commonly asked questions about car rental in Uganda or Rwanda include;

What categories of cars are used in Rwanda or Uganda for safaris?

When searching for a car for your trip, the first thing to come to your mind is what kind of a car you should use and that said, our fleets range from luxury vehicles, saloon cars, to safari vans which come in distinct capacity and most of them include the 4wheel drive Toyota Rav4, Toyota super custom, minivans, Toyota land cruiser Prado, coasters, safari land cruiser, Land cruiser TZ, Land cruiser TX, Land cruiser hard top, Safari Land cruiser 7 seater, Toyota Land cruiser TX and Toyota Hiace.

What should I have to rent a car in Uganda or Rwanda?

If you are planning to rent a car for a Uganda or Rwanda tour, you will need to have a copy of your valid license and a national identity card to the offices of the car hire agency.

Why go for a self drive to Rwanda or Uganda?

A self drive safari to Rwanda or Uganda offers you flexibility and freedom to make a choice on which place to travel to and what you wish to see and do at your own time. Self drive tour is best for independent travelers looking for a perfect vacation experience. With a self drive tour, you become the in charge of how long you want to spend while enjoying the attraction. It offers you opportunity to explore variety of attractions, places while on your way.

Do I need to purchase my personal insurance or it is also included in the cost of car hire?

The car rental agency only offers insurance to over the car and you will have to take insurance cover for yourself for any loss of property or rather personal damage. And in some countries, an excess can apply in the event of accident or theft of the car. This becomes a hirer’s responsibility but most travel insurance terms and condition cover even excess. Just in case of road accident the agency’s insurance pays 60 percent and in case of damage due to visitors’ carelessness, he or she pays 40 percent.

Can someone else drive the car besides me?

No. But for any driving inability which may come up while on safari, whether physical or emotional sickness in form of car hire company and they will provide you a driver.

Who is to pay the parking fees or traffic fines?

The person who will rent a car is entirely responsible for the payment of all parking fees and any traffic offense charges.

Who is to cater for the driver’s expenses in terms of food, lodging or shopping?

A car hire agency is solely responsible for all the driver’s tour costs whether food or lodging and there is no need for the person who is hiring the car to have any worries. However, you may give a tip to driver and the amount depends on your pocket.

What is the speed limit in Rwanda?

If you are planning for a self guided safari, the speed limit in the city is 40 kilometers per hour and 60 kilometers per hour in provinces.

What should I do in case of vehicle break down?

While hiring a car, you will find this as it is well spelt out in the car hire terms and conditions that you will be required to sign while handing over the vehicle but the best for you to do is to inform the car hire agency that you will be dealing.

 Can I be in position to extend my car hire period from the booked date?

It is very possible for you to extend the date but better that you let the car hire agency and payment for the extension time is made.

Is it okay to return the car prior the agreed time expires?

This is possible though you have to expect no refund for the days the car hire hasn’t been used.

Where shall I return the car hire?

It is possible for you to bring back the car rental to the area convenient to you provided that you let the car rental company earlier so that it can be picked as early as possible.

Are there any hidden charges?

A self drive comes with most mandatory extras such as road taxes or rather airport charges. Most car hire service costs exclude costs and taxes that are imposed directly by third parties and extra items that you may need. The optional items like insurance such as crossing boarder of another country, extra driver charge just in case you choose to take a driver are additional and they can be paid in local currency during the day of picking a car hire. Look out for the list of inclusions, to find out the prices that wholly include more features than the others to help make the right decision.

How old should I be to rent a car for self drive safari?

For those of you who are interested in hiring a car for your trip, you should be 18 years and above.

Is it cheaper to book a car before or should I book for it up on arrival?

Given the high demand for car hire, you need to book for your dream vehicle as earlier as possible. Pre booking for a car helps you to avoid fluctuating currencies especially if you paid up on arrival.

What type of fuel is used by car hire?

Different car hire companies offer different types of cars but usually there are both diesel and petrol car rentals for you choose for your safari. And in most cases, car hire agencies offer a car with full fuel tank and you are expected to return it as it was given to you and failure to do so, there will be a charge depending on a car hire company that you will deal with.

In conclusion, there are many questions that require answers but with the few that we have listed above, we believe that they will be of great help to you as you plan to rent a car in Uganda for your safaris. In case you have other questions, feel free to raise them and we shall respond to them as soon as possible.


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