Would like to have meals with Africa’s wild animals? These are some of the questions tourists on a safari are asked. Many definitely cannot say no and they always cannot wait to head to the jungles and have snacks as they watch wild animals on the other side dining on their usual delicacies – the grass for the herbivores and prey for the predators. Such views offer adventurous tourists on a wildlife safari a warm welcome to Africa’s true wilderness.

Elephant Safaris

Elephants can be viewed in a group led by a dominant female with her children of different ages feeding on the grass and tree branches within their reach. The guide who easily looks at the shapes and size of the elephant’s tusks, ears and body can easily explain the difference in the age. Elephants are not the only big land mammals that can be viewed, there are also various sightings of the hippos most times relaxing in the shallow waters while others can be on the ground feeding on pasture. These are all part of the Serengeti ecosystem located in the northern tourism circuit of Tanzania. Seeing these sometimes makes you feel that you have seen it all but once you take a look at the great wildebeest migration, you do not even wish to blink.

Wildebeest Safaris

The great wildebeest migration comprises of millions of wild herbivores (zebra, elands, buffaloes and gazelles) moving across the Serengeti planes in search for pastures. The wildebeest continue their trek despite the attacks from some of the major predators that hunt them especially lions, cheetahs, hyenas and many others. Similar to the Serengeti is the Maasai Mara wild experience that also offers the great wildebeest migration. The wildebeest in this part of Africa are more in danger especially when crossing the Mara River that has one of east Africa’s highest crocodile populations. Just looking at the crocodiles here assures you that they get their desired meals and are well fed. They are big and look very health because of the delicious meals they get from the crossing wildebeest.

Just after this deadly point, the wildebeest are not safe either because of the Maasai Mara’s great lions that eagerly keep waiting on the other side. Just like the way the tourists time the great migration, the lions time it more because its when they get many chances of having successful hunts especially of the weaker animals. The migration is just like Christmas to them as they feast on large preys. The carcass left attracts other predators the vultures that are also always on standby ready to take home some meat.

Balloon Safaris

Today, most of these wildlife experiences can be enjoyed in various forms of safaris that include game drive safari which is the commonly used method and the adventurous hot air balloon safari offering tourists with great aerial views of all the wildlife activities taking place on the ground.

Big Game Safaris

After having enough of the big games and the great migration in Kenya and Tanzania, a cross over to Uganda can be the best decisions you can ever make in your life. Uganda the pearl of Africa also termed as Africa in one takes wildlife safari experiences to a whole new higher level. From the great waterfalls that forms a permanent rain ball and a mist in Murchison falls national park, Uganda wildlife safaris introduces you to a number of wildlife species including the cape buffaloes, African savanna elephants, rhinos, rare bird species like the shoebill stork and above all the unique Ugandan temperature.

Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris

From Murchison, you can definitely head to Kibale forest national park for primate tracking featuring man’s closet primate- the chimpanzees. Kibale forest national park in western Uganda is called the primate capital of east Africa because of the high numbers of chimpanzees in the forest. There are well-developed chimpanzee tracking trails and for remarkable experiences, one can book for the chimpanzee habituation experience that enables tourists to be with the chimpanzees for a full day.

Gorilla Trekking Safaris

The safari can be concluded with an exclusive mountain gorilla experience in Bwindi impenetrable forest located in southwestern Uganda. Bwindi impenetrable forest has half of the 900 mountain gorillas remaining on the planet with 13 habituated mountain gorilla families. Mountain gorilla experiences in uganda are the best safari experiences that can ever happen to a human being bringing him closer yet to another ape having about 95% DNA just like humans. Just make proper arrangements and head to east Africa for remarkable tourism experiences.


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