Manual Vs Automatic Car for Hire

Car rental in Uganda for self drive Safaris is a trending option for adventure in Uganda and most East African countries. Renting a car with any of the Uganda car rental agencies is either way a great idea to connect between destinations in a country or probably connecting between two or more countries. The kind of car you opt for and the car rental agency opted for are very important aspects for an impressive, incredible, uninterrupted and inspirational trip of a lifetime.

Being behind the wheels and driving through the country sides through the lush green plains and windy mountain roads is impressive but the question lies at What kind of car do you have for such a trip? Which car rental agency provides you with the best vehicle in great mechanical conditions and what power is the vehicle for such a journey through the beautiful lands of Uganda.

To make car rental business a more suitable and easily handled to meets most clients needs, car rental Agencies in Uganda like Auto Rental Uganda have opted for Automatic transmission vehicles with the most budget preferred vehicles like the Toyota Rav4’s. The other vehicles are manual transmission with high ground clearance levels. The big reason behind this is having an option for those that want it easy to drive and for those independent self drive road trippers who find manual cars hard to drive and want to take it easy. It reasons out perfect that Anyone who drives a manual transmission will definitely drive an Automatic transmission which is preferably and reason many car rental agencies maintain Automatic cars among the fleet. Lets look at car hire in Uganda between Automatic Transmission to Manual transmission.

Automatic Transmission Vehicles: They are easy to drive for as long as you know the many basics of driving a car. It will be just figure flip and your perfect with the rented car in Uganda for as long as you have the basics and confidence. Automatic Transmission vehicles do not require shifting gears but will automatically engage gears whenever the car feel need to. I would say the car is self controlled with the gear shifting and all you require is sit back accelerate and Navigate the roads. However, at some points or situations you may need to shift the gear leaver if a great or very strong gear is required like the low gear or preferable constant two. These are more of constant strong gears where 4W is required like the slippery areas or very steep slopes however most of the time the leaver is kept in the drive position. The wheels in Uganda cars are always located on the right side of the vehicle while driving is on the left. The gear leaver is located on the slight left side of the Drivers seat and reachable. It features packing(P), Reverse(R), Neutral(N), Drive(D) Two(2),and Low(L) who are shifted perfectly to have the vehicle operating. Each action requires stopping or breaking before another gear or gear is engaged.

The Manual Transmission Vehicles: Considerable one of the most preferred vehicles on the Uganda terrains and independent travelers who love being behind the wheels and getting active with the rented car from the car rental Agencies. The manual transmission is more of tough vehicle associated with a high ground clearance and tough 4X4 managed and controlled by the driver. The manual requires and involves being active when driving and is more than just sitting and navigating the terrains across Uganda and east Africa. Normally the vehicles have 4 front gears and reverse gear with of course neutral. Most cases try as much as possible to avoid driving in Neutral gear as the vehicle is self controlled. Coasting as it is termed is a very dangerous practice commonly tried by travelers who Rent a car in Uganda and try all possible means to save gas. Yes we do agree somehow but we strongly discourage the practice.

Whichever car you opt for your self drive in Uganda, be it manual transmission or Automatic transmission, driving your own adventure is absolutely possible. You can start planning your self drive safari in National parks. Always remember to ask for the vehicle of your choice that you think is great for you and you can handle. If you do not want a lot of concentration when driving then you can opt for the automatic transmission so you don’t need to shift gears all the time. However for those that love driving, then the manual is something great for you to drive along and makes self drive in Uganda more interesting.


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