A Guide To Repairing A Car In Case Of A Break Down On Your Road Trip In Uganda

Whether just heading for a road trip in Uganda or returning, a vehicle breakdown can happen at any time. These are simply uncertainties of life, but if one is stuck on the road in Uganda, how can he best overcome this simple challenge?

There is nothing worse than a broken down car on a safari in Uganda. All travelers hope for the best experiences and memories on any trip, but remember this is not a guarantee. Perhaps at some point the vehicle engine can refuse to respond and you find yourself stuck on the road side.

It would be an individual or rental car, nonetheless, nothing can stop a breakdown if its time comes. However, the good news is that, to the greatest extent the situation cam similarly be handled through several steps as explained below. A car breakdown shouldn’t be something to spoil your Uganda road trip experience.

Pull off the road. The first good option when the vehicle breaks down while on the road, it’s to move to the highway shoulder (roadside) to keep away from the moving traffic. After this, then turn on your hazard lights (indicators) simultaneously as a warning that the vehicle is stuck.

Note your vehicle’s location. It is better to know the location the vehicle has broken down. This helps you to know when calling for assistance. So when the vehicle breaks down when you’re on a road trip in Uganda, look for major exit such as service stations, restaurants or shopping centers.

Assess your vehicle’s operating problem.  It is on point always to check the vehicle in order to know the problem or what caused the vehicle’s break down. Get out of the car and assess properly the mechanical problem, however make sure you exit the vehicle from the side away from traffic. Note that it is not good to stand behind or directly in front of the car as you risk being struck by drivers who might not see you.

Make your vehicle visible to other drivers. Probably you are now wondering what is referred to as making the car visible, here just turn on the emergency lights at night or in bad weather. Raise the vehicle’s bonnet, and tie a bright colored handkerchief, scarf or light jacket on the car’s antenna as a way of signifying to the drivers passing by that you are stuck.

Call for assistance. If it’s a hired car, don’t risk repairing the car before informing the car rental company, first call the renter for assistance and also locate where you are. If it’s an individual, call the emergency number for Uganda police to request for roadside assistance. Alternatively, call a family member or a friend and inform them about your current situation and location.

Look for a closest mechanical stop point. Having talked to the car renter, friends and family, or maybe the police, now start looking for the closest mechanics in the area where you are stuck from.  These are always available to offer any mechanical assistance at just an affordable price. Endeavour to look for them out anytime a car breaks down on your road safari in Uganda.

If you choose to stay in the vehicle while waiting for assistance, keep the doors and windows closed, turn off the engine, and in case of any threat from a stranger, and flash the lights to attract other motorists’ attention.

Vehicle breakdown are always life threatening times especially in a strange land, it’s always better to ensure that the car is well maintained. On any safari trip in Uganda, drive with a full tank to reduce the risks of running out of fuel.

If it is a road trip in Uganda, prepare for anything, carry with you emergency numbers with a fully charged cell phone.


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